C.P. Company was founded in Bologna in 1971 by designer Massimo Osti, also known as the “godfather of sportswear”.  Originally the company was called Chester Perry, but the name was changed in 1978 following a lawsuit by Chester Barry and Fred Perry, for the use of their first name and surname.

C.P. Company is also the original Italian sportswear brand. It pioneered the fusion of the functionality of vintage military uniforms, work and outdoors wear with avantgarde Italian fabric and garment dyeing innovation. In other words, C.P Company in fact created the definition of the Italian Sportswear look. Therefor it is no surprise that the brand has also generated a large following within the British 'football hooligan' subculture.

Nowadays C.P Company produces functional casual and sportswear hybrids with proprietary fabrics and garment dye treatments. The garments reflect the demands of contemporary urban life in unique way.