Mr. Benedetto De Petrillo and his family-run Neapolitan label places a firm focus on details, meticulous refinement in the choice of fabrics and high-quality construction. The company combines its own modern take on tailoring with the classic Italian tradition. The result is nothing but fresh and clean.

The company was originally born from an idea by Benedetto De Petrillo in Naples - in that inspiring land of sartorial hopes and dreams that boasts one of the world's greatest tailoring traditions. Today the brand represents the same values ​​that have always driven the De Petrillo family: passion, creativity and experience. 

De Petrillo's mission is to make clothes with an unmistakable character. According to Mr. De Petrillo the way of dressing is a reflection of a man's mood. Therefore, each garment is designed according to the needs and desires of De Petrillo customers. Every garment is an exciting journey into the elegance of ancient Naples, reinterpreted with an innovative vision. And every De Petrillo garment is a promise of love where innovation, passion and elegance give life to a unique emotion.

All De Petrillo garments are made in Naples - the price-quality ratio of De Petrillo garments in unbeatable.