Caruso was originally founded in Soragna, in the Province of Parma in 1958 as a small tailoring workshop. The founder Raffaele Caruso started the company by making made-to-measure garments for the local people with only two employees. But today it is one the biggest fashion houses in Italy and Caruso stands for a brand that combines meticulous construction methods with a modern aesthetic to create smart, restrained and stylish garments. And still the garments are manufactured in the same premises where it all started.

The suit and sport coats by Caruso are soft, feature a full canvas construction and are always made by honoring the artisanal tailoring traditions. The use of luxury materials and exclusive fabrics together with highly skilled artisans lead to unique collections season after season. To put it shortly, in all of their doing Caruso exemplifies their own maxim "in menswear, do as the Italians do". 

And remember - if you ever happen to visit the little town of Soragna, make sure to try their culatello. According to Mr. Umberto Angeloni, the CEO of Caruso, it is the best Culatello in the world.