A made-to-measure suit is a suit made in a factory, with your own measurements and with your own choice of materials and style. This should not be mixed with a Bespoke suit, which is a handmade suit, done by a tailor (or tailors) in a tailor shop. Nor should it be mixed with a made-to-order suit, in which you can pick the material out of a few options and only change a few measurements such as sleeve and leg lengths. There is a demand for all of these alternatives, but for many of us a proper made-to-measure suit is a perfect choice. It allows to do more than enough alterations and is much more financially affordable than a Bespoke suit.

When you decide to purchase a made-to-measure suit there is a couple of things you should think through first:

1) Where are you going to use the suit? Is it for work and everyday use or for some special occasion? This naturally effects the choice of material and style.

2) Will the suit be for four seasons or distinctly for summer or winter use? This also leads the choice of material but also the structure of the garment. In other words, should it be fully lined or maybe unlined with unconstructed shoulders?

3) The fit of the suit? Would you like it slim fit or do you prefer it to be more comfortable, a bit looser fitted?

These are maybe the most important things to decide. After that there is quite a few details you can choose in made-to-measure suit. Pockets, buttons, color of the lining,  maybe initials to personalize the garment etc.

To get a made to measure suit done you have to visit your tailor 2-3 times. The garment will be delivered finished, but often a few final touches will be made to the suit after the fitting. Delivery time all in all will be around 4 to 6 weeks.

What comes to prices, it is most dependent of the material chosen. Our prices start from 1200€. This is a starting price for suit with a full canvas -structure, which is the best way to construct a suit.  There is no upper limit for the prices, but vast majority of the suits ordered from us range from 1200€ to 1800€.

If you would like to have a budget choice, you can also have the suit made with a half canvas -structure. This cuts 150€ off the price compared to full canvas.

 And please bear in mind that in our store there is always professional salespersons to guide you through all the steps and help you with the arising questions along the way. We are there to make sure you end up with a garment that is just the way you want and need.