A made-to-measure shirt is a shirt that is made with your own measurements and of the materials and style of your choice.

In a shirt there is not as many things to choose as in a suit, but it is really pure luxury to be able to make just the kind of shirt you want. There is a wide selection of materials from heavy oxfords to lightest poplins and collars from extremely cutaway collars to casual button-downs. But the most important thing is that you can have just the fit you wish.

And remember that in a good made-to-measure shirt there is a possibility to alter many measurements, not only few like sleeve and hem lengths.Say you have a very athletic figure and you want a slim yet comfortable fit, it maybe a good idea to add some extra width to the front part of the chest area. This way the chest will feel comfortable but the total width of the chest will not become too big. Or if you have a big stomach and your shirts tend to be too short in the front, we can lengthen only the front length as much as need. And these are just a couple of examples of what we can alter in a made-to-measure shirt.