Gaiola is the more comtemporary and relaxed “little brother” of De Petrillo. The brand represents the fresh new view of Neapolitan tailoring. Gaiola is a perfect choice for everyone who values heritage and expertise but who wants to experiment with his choices of garments.

The name of the brand “Gaiola” is inspired by one of the minor islands of Naples, located just a stone's throw away from the city. According to Alessandro Agazzi of Gaiola, the island is a place where different people meet to enjoy some sunbathing or a nice dive. From the streets you can find some wealthy and sophisticated people walking down from their residence in Posillipo as well as younger guys who there on a scooter with a guitar strapped to their backs. The kind of heterogeneity that works as an inspiration for them, also describes Gaiola as a brand. It is bold yet sophisticated – relaxed yet restrained.

All Gaiola garments are made in Naples.