A made-to-measure garment is made in a factory according the customers measurements. The garment is a totally made to the ,j,hgcustomers own wishes and one can choose everything from the cloth to the smallest details. The ready suit arrives from the supplier 4-6 weeks after the order. When the garment arrives from the supplier, the customer is asked to come in for a fitting at our shop. After the fitting we will make all the alterations needed in our own workshop. After that the finalized garment is ready to be picked up after a few days.

Our suits are almost without exception manufactured with a full canvas construction. This means that the front of the jackets are fully constructed with canvas and not with fused structure.

The starting price for our full canvas suits starts at 1100€. The cloth has the biggest affect on the price while the choice of details are all included in the price. Most of our suits are in the price range of 1100€ - 1500€.

Prices starting at:

2 Piece suit 1100€

3 Piece Suit 1500€

Overcoat 1000€

Shirts 240€