The dinner suit,also known as a tuxedo, is usually used for more relaxed evening events after 18:00. Events such as these can be e.g. Theatre or Opera premieres and dinners. The dinner suit is not used for big and formal events such as weddings or evening receptions.

The classic color for the dinner suit is black and midnight blue which can seem darker than black in artificial light.

The trousers are made in the same fabric as the jacket, have a single braided stripe running down the outseam and no beltloops or turn-ups.

The shirt has a pleated or marcella front and a cummerbund can be worn by the waist.

A bowtie is always worn with a dinner suit, matching the lapels, but for unformal events one can also wear matching colorful bowtie and cummerbund. The handkerchief is always white and is folded neatly.

Big orders are never worn with a dinner suit but miniature orders can be worn if mentioned in the invitation. Black cap-toe oxfords in calf or patent leather, opera pumps or loafers are worn with the dinner suit. Knee socks made out of silk are the choice of hosiery. If the invitation says black tie or evening wear, a dark suit is also accepted.