Dark suit

Every man's wardrobe should at least include a dark suit. The dark suit replaces any formal dress (tailcoat, dinner suit, morning coat) and is therefore a very useful garment. A dark suit however always needs to be plain coloured and black or dark blue.

A dark suit is the choice for e.g. funerals, afternoon receptions, cocktail events, weddings or congratulatory visits.

The tie that is worn with a dark suit is chosen depending on the event. For formal events the choice is small patterned, darkblue or –red and the more informal the event is the bigger the pattern and the louder the colours can be. A black or coloured bowtie can also be worn for formal events. A pearl grey tie is considered the most formal choice for neckwear.

The best choice for the colour of shirting is white. If Orders are worn, a pocket square shall not be worn. Otherwise a white linen pocket square is the choice to be worn with a dark suit.

The socks should be black and and the shoes should preferably be black calfskin oxford shoes. The overcoat should be a knee length and in a dark colour that goes with the suit.