The current situation is very tricky for all retailers, especially for the ones operating mostly or only in brick and mortar.
We will keep our store open normally as long as it is permited by the authorities.
Due to the situation we decided to stretch our m2m -campaign with three days. So all m2m garments with 20% discount till
Saturday 21st March 
So if you have been struggling to visit our store during the campaign, we give you a couple of extra days if you wish to do so.
And please bear in mind that for rebuyers it is also a possibility to order without visiting our store. Shirts and suits are quite simple to order by phone or mail.
Say you need more basic white or blue shirts or similar suit as last time but maybe with a different color... Please contact us and we will find a way together!
But above all let's keep in mind the most important things...
Let's keep our selves and the ones around us healthy and safe!