Bulevardi 14  
20th - 28th November
Mon - Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 11am-3pm
In a clothing store there is always some garments that remains unsold after the season. This does not mean that there should be anything wrong with he pieces that are left hanging, maybe the size just has not been right or maybe the winter has been warmer that expected...
What ever the reason, the stock has to be cleared from time to time.
And we are about to do it this week. So tell all your friends, bring your neighbours and nephews and pay us a visit. A lot of great pieces are awaiting to be found.
For the first time there will also be some Mismo bags ands Carmina Shoes.
And as you might expect prices are good and they are even:
Jackets and Coats from 250€
Knits from 60€
Trousers from 60€