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E. Marinella´s roots are long and they grow deep. For over 100 years four generations of Marinella men have created, fostered, and maintained their business in the charming waterfront neighborhood of Naples, Italy.

We are honored to be allowed to represent their beautiful handmade products, as the only store in Finland,It means a world to us.

Now we have a change to display and sell their Archive Collection in our store. It is as real treat, a dive into the past, into century-old history roots. The “Archivio” collection is created with selected patterns designed between 1930 and 1980 and recovered today. All together 66 designs with over 300 different color combinations in total. You can order ties one by one. You may decide the structure and the measurements of your tie. Naturally your initials can be embroidered on the tie if you wish. And during this campaign in our store, we offer you the initials free of charge.

Please pay a visit to us, take a moment or two and dive into this book of living history. Because that´s what it is: a truly important piece of sartorial menswear history that is still very much alive.


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A few words of structures

Ties are nowadays often done with separate interlining.It is a separate piece of material that gives the tie its shape, weight, bulk and placed within the shell of the tie. It is commonly made out of brushed wool. This technicue is used in E. Marinella´s Classic Sartorial 3 -fold ties.

Traditionally high quality ties a made with out separate lining, but with folding the silk itself in multiple layers. The body of the is formed by the silk layers. The more folds, the richer and heavier feel on the tie. In the folding technique the consumption of silk is bigger and it also takes more time to manufacture. This naturally resonates with the price of the tie.

Here you can find a few starting prices for different structures.

Classic Sartorial 3 -fold
5 Fold
7 Fold
9 Fold
Pocket Square 45cmx45cm


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