Sauma keeps doors open as usual, as we have done all through the current epidemic situation. Naturally it has been much more quiet than normally, but we can already now say that it has been good to keep the routines running.

We are happy to serve all the customers and we understand that without customers we could not exist.

As most of you know we have also put up a online shop. It is now running steadily, even though there still is a lot todo to make it better.  At the very moment we are already able to offer almost all the seasonal goods alwell in the webshop. Now it is time to develop it even further in terms of services and informative point of view. If you have suggestion and / or needs for online services please do not hesitate to contact us.

It has been great fun building the online shop. And we are delighted to be able to serve customer also abroad, not only in Finland. 

So let´s keep the good things rolling and see you in our store in Helsinki as well as online!

Keep safe everybody!